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Newsmax – Classifying Covid-19

A challenge in defining the nature of Covid-19 has been that everyone who has caught it hasn’t been identified, so it’s hard to get a true picture of the spread of this horrible disease.

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Fox 11 LA – Covered California and Covid-19

Seth Denson joins Elex Michaelson at Fox 11 LA to discuss how insurance like Covered California is handling Covid-19, and how important it is to seek care, and seek help if you have questions, whether those questions are healthcare or even insurance related.

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Spicer & Co – Covid-19 Risks to Veterans and Citizens Alike

Seth Denson joins Sean Spicer, former Press Secretary for President Trump, and David Shulkin, former United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs. The topic at hand: whether the continued rise of this disease is a result of the US learning more about it, or a failure of either this or previous administrations to prepare for a pandemic.

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Fox News – Insurance Coverage in a Pandemic

Seth Denson joins Fox News special coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic to answer hard questions the american people have for their insurance companies: what will be honored by their plans, and how can they avoid delays in treatment or care due to regulations and red tape? And how does an insurer classify a US Navy hospital ship as in-network or out?

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